Commencal is a boutique all aluminum bicycle maker based in Andorra. Commencal has a rich history in the racing scene with multiple world titles in hand, with recent strides made in the downhill and enduro categories. Commencals are known for their robustness and stable nature on the trail, with all standards of the modern geometry adopted, Commencal has tweaked it enough to stay relevant to modern metrics yet add a flair of its own signature in the mix as well.


Redesigned Kinematics

The kinematics have been redesigned to enable a bike that is both more dynamic and more comfortable during suspension travel.

This results in less rider-leg fatigue and essentially the ability to ride the bike optimally.

Updated Geometry

The geometry has been updated for the current year. The seat angle has been straightened more and the seat tube is lowered(reduced offfset). The result is a bike that is more agile and easier in the steeps, a formidable pedaller, more efficient under braking and more dynamic when pushing hard.

Double-Row Enduro Bearings

The stiffness of the frame is always the subject of much attention.

The use of double-row Enduro Bearings allows a more homogeneous deformation of the frame without the loss of stiffness via the bearings.

Integrated Flip-Chip Technology

Select models now offer a “Flip Chip” on the shock absorber extension in order to more acutely adjust the geometry, and therefore fit your personal style!



Trail – Meta TR 29

A harmonious bike, formidable pedaller and an ideal companion for long active rides. The TR is seamlessly capable of transcending from uphill to downhill and soaking up all types of lumps and bumps in between.

Enduro – Commencal AM 29

The new META AM 29 will delight riders eager for performance and those who like to give it all regardless of the difficulty of the trail before them!

Enduro – Commencal Clash

The CLASH – pure lines and a concentrate of technology. No compromises. A ‘Gravity’ specialists bike, proper kinematics that are suitable for the intended purpose of shredding the steeps while comfortable being able to climb back up again.

Enduro – Commencal AM HT

Enduro, off-road rides, urban missions, pump track laps. It goes everywhere. Max himself says, “It’s better to have a good hardtail than a bad full-suspension bike.” The META HT AM is one of those bikes that simply makes you want to ride!