Fast & Loose with Commencal’s Canadian Junior Rider Development Team

Fast and loose with some great results already, Emmett Hancock, Jack Linnell and Neve Abraham are part of Katrina Strand’s Youth Rider Development Team.

Mountain biking has evolved rapidly over the last few years… gone (but not forgotten) are the teenage days of hanging out with your mates doing massive hucks on sketchy equipment. Fast forward to today’s generation of teens who are doing massive hucks on much better equipment, and going FAST. As mountain biking continues to grow over the years, we’re seeing the next generation of athletes emerge and we couldn’t be more stoked!

COMMENCAL has a long-term investment in the future of youth mountain bikers, as seen through our product innovation alone, and by supporting projects like this – Katrina Strand’s Youth Rider Development Team.

In its third year, the RDT is an organized team environment focused on Enduro and Downhill racing. The athletes are encouraged to compete in both disciplines in order to gain a well-rounded approach to competitive cycling but can choose to progress and challenge themselves on one over the other.

Meet Emmett Hancock, Jack Linnell and Neve Abraham – our three riders under the expert guidance of Katrina this year!

It’s all fun and games until they get between the tape.



Huck yeah!
Fast and loose with some great results already!

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