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Epic Mountain Bike - Mech Services has a complete bike mechanics workshop. Our qualified bike mechanics offer repairs and servicing on all bicycle brands and models. Our stores open at 9am for early bike drop-offs, but please call store first to confirm. When you book your service in advance, we can complete work on your bike in just one day. To make sure this happens, we suggest that you contact us a week before your preferred service date. Check below our pre-paid Bike service package.

If you have an emergency and need your bike serviced right away, you can leave your bike with a store at any time, but this may attract an extra charge. It is really important that you drop-off and collect your bike on your service date. An extra storage fee will apply to bikes which are not collected on the service date.

Recomended : Every Month

Yourbike needsa touch-up beforean event/ride or race.

  • Check and tighten all bolts including crank
  • Adjust brake pads, tighten brake pads.
  • Adjust gears, Drive-train wear checked
  • Lubricate chain and cables & joints.
  • Check Spokes (Wheels stays on bike), Headset Checked.
  • Frame wiped down. Tyre inflated.
  • Hard Tail Price

  • Full Suspension Price

Recommended : Every 3-6 months

Your bike will be clean, adjusted professionally and ready to go!

  • Tune Up plus;
  • Chain/Cassette removed & cleaned.
  • Brake surface cleaned, Drive-train degreased.
  • Bike cleaned/washed, Brake pads de-glazed.
  • Bottom Bracket removed, cleaned/greased & re-fitted.
  • ...
  • Hard Tail Price

  • Full Suspension Price

Recommended : Every 12 months

Your bike will be stripped bare, with every part cleaned, greased and reinstalled.

  • Standard Service plus;
  • Bike stripped to bare frame.
  • All parts degreased, cleaned & lubricated.
  • Hubs re-greased, Headset re-greased, Bottom Bracket re-greased.
  • Pedals cleaned & greased, Fork & Suspension Checkup.
  • Rotors cleaned & straightened.
  • Hard Tail Price

  • Full Suspension Price

  • Disassembly and Assembly of entire Fork.
  • Inspection of Fork externals & internals.
  • Suspension Fluid change*
  • Compression damper tests.
  • new fluids in mm will cost extra
  • Price

  • Disassembly & Assembly of Air-Sleeve.
  • Inspection of Shock externals.
  • Air-Sleeve Change.
  • new fluids in mm will cost extra
  • Price

  • At Epic Mech Workshop, we have
  • the tooling to service all dropper seatpost
  • from Reverb to D.O.S.S and KS. If yours is not
  • operating properly then give us a shout.
  • Price

Write to us about your Bike issues here or any specific subject about our Mech Service.

We will get back with you in a short while or also can drop in at Facebook message box