Video: The Future of Rampage is Here ‘Grompage’

“The future of Rampage is here, and COMMENCAL is behind it every step of the way.”

The Outlaw MTB Team consists of a group of highly talented young kids from Utah, showing all of us that age is nothing but a number when it comes to freeride. ‘Grompage’ is a homegrown event immediately following Red Bull Rampage and it gives everyone the opportunity to come out to the old Rampage site to show off what they have to offer. The event is getting bigger and bigger every year, and this year was no disappointment to say the least.

From tubs of ice cream to more burgers and hotdogs than a normal human should consume, it was nothing but good times from sun up to sun down. The future athletes of Red Bull Rampage are here and the future is looking bright.

When you make plans for your 2019 Rampage trip make sure to stay an extra day and attend this awesome event!

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