Watch the ultimate uplift Paragliding Mountain Bike video

You know that feeling when everything comes together and you’re just flying on the bike? When the flow takes you and it’s like the rules of physics don’t quite apply?

This utterly mad video takes that sensation to the next level as French rider Kilian Bron hitches a rider with his paragliding friend Eliot Nochez, soaring above snow-covered slopes and pulling a cheeky touch-and-go on the roof of a chairlift terminal.

Slipping the surly bonds of Earth on a bicycle looks at once incredibly dangerous and enormously entertaining. Do you fancy a go?

After three great/unforgettable years with the SUNN Team, it was time to move on. He spent these three seasons focusing on his media projects and enduro/Massstart downhill races. While Thomas and Isabeau were fulltime racers, he was constantly juggling in between the races and his media projects.

This program suited him well, as if he had two jobs and seasons in one. But a new year also means new season and goals, it was a great time to change. He was looking for a structure that was aligned with his goals, with more direct interactions with partners. That’s why they came up with the idea of this structure « The Intense Mavic Collective », with two pilots & two different skills.

He had already spent two years with Isabeau in the same team. Beyond her perfomances on races, she is a great woman ambassador and she is also really implicated, organising her own event like “Ride and smile”. She will be a great support for him on the races and, in return, he will help her managing her communication and all media aspects.

Unlike other classical teams, they all have a specific role in their Collective, with their personnals skills. Cedric Carrez is managing their structure, especially their partnerships and will assist and support Isabeau on races.

Isabeau stays focus on her EWS goals but she is also dealing with our main partners.

On his side, he’s working on his own Web series “MISSION” this season, with a simple concept: riding around atypical spots, all around the world. You will happen to discover it soon!

He will also be the Media manager of the Collective, as He’s already in charge of it for some or their partners like MAVIC.

To sum it up, their new bikes are amazing, season is coming and They can’t wait for the first trips and races!


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